Friday, August 16, 2013

Help! My Neighbor Wants Me to Join the HOA Board!

Dear Captain,

We recently moved into a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association. For some reason, half the directors resigned en masse. My neighbor won't say exactly what the infighting is all about, but he's encouraging me to seek a vacant spot on the board. Should I? Why would anyone want this kind of aggravation?


HOA Rookie

Dear Rookie,

Something you hear again and again
Is that HOA boards are all Grumpy Old Men.
They come in all kinds from picky to battler.
All of them look like Waldorf and Statler.
It's really not so, but perception rules.
To owners, the board members all look like fools.

But are they, really?

They look after common area ground,

This never happens
Where dead plants and garbage and dog poop abound.
They manage the clubhouse and fix irrigation.
And put in long hours without compensation.
And, don't forget, some owners are weird.
Their house painted teal, their annuals sheared.
Their porch is for tires, their yard is for cars.
It can all be made right with good C C&R's.

Can you put common interest ahead of your own?
That's what's required. You won't be alone.
Board members fighting is more myth than fact--
Safe for your gastrointestinal tract.
Homeowners seldom say thanks to the board.
You'll hear very little 'til their ox is gored
But you'll look with pride on the common demesne,
The trees neatly trimmed, the grass all pea green.
A secret you learned, you think with a smirk,
The property manager did all the work!