Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Promise This Doesn't Really Suck

And I'm so wary of boring the s**t out of people (note the use of asterisks in deference to this being intended for a general audience). If anyone finds these daily postings annoying or whatever, please accept my deepest and most humble apologies.

 The tra-la-la-la-la of HGTV notwithstanding, most of real estate is tedious and boring and fraught with terminology that people just didn't understand, and worse, they don't want so say so. This blog is supposed to be nothing more than a real estate primer.

A huge chunk of real estate brokers is the main exception to the preceding paragraph. Too many of them don't understand the terminology and really don't care. I can't tell you how many I ran into who didn't know the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure or who thought the lender in a short sale home owned the property. Most don't know the difference between a townhome and a condo. I could go on, here, but I won't.

My hope is to give people a place to not just look up terms they don't quite get, but do it anonymously and see the terms used in actual situations. Beyond that, I want to de-mystify the process of buying and selling homes. Those who are involved in it, from real estate brokerage firms to mortgage lenders to title and escrow companies, keep the pretentious and exaggerated opaqueness of the process alive, not so much from evil intent (though a few do) as from a conspiracy of personal interests.

So, I don't really care if people don't voraciously gobble up my posts every day and, in fact, I'm rather pleased most have something else to do. But I do hope people will remember the blog, look stuff up when they need to and tell their friends who might be casting their eyes towards the real estate stars.